Municipalities Working With Contour

Contour Marines Waterfront Reclaim Program was developed to assist South Florida's municipalities in performing needed preventative maintenance as well as assisting in the development and installation of needed construction updates.

In today's environment, the resources needed by a municipality to maintain its responsibilities to its taxpayers and residents as far a waterfront access and maintenance on-going can create a drag on city budgets and subsequently the taxpayers. Contour's Waterfront Reclaim Program is here to assist towns.

Contour understands that proper marine work shows in the way that it functions years after the actual work is completed. The work that we do is part of the functioning waterfront. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and we feel that the quality shows years after the job is complete.

We are experts at:

  • Seawall construction and repair
  • Pilings/Pile repairs
  • Bridge work
  • Concrete repairs of all types
  • Waterfront maintenance
  • Works very well with Municipalities
  • Project Management

Contact the specialist at Contour Marine to see if we can help to improve your town's waterfront access and accessibility. We are experts at providing cost effective solutions for municipalities responsibilities in all areas of waterfront accessibility.

If you are a municipality who has researched Marine Construction companies and determined that you want to proceed with contacting Contour to start the procedure of maintaining your municipal waterfronts. Please complete our on-line Contours Municipality Questionnaire identifying you to us and when your form is reviewed then we will be in contact. Thank you for considering Contour as a Marine contractor.

Contact us in Hollywood, Florida, for more information regarding our marine construction services.